Winter Retreat 2017 – Life on Purpose: The 7 Paths to Mystical Joy


When you live your soul’s purpose, you will naturally be in a state of joy and peace. You do not have to create or manufacture your soul’s purpose. It only needs to be uncovered and welcomed for it to begin to bless you with new vitality, courage, and a feeling of alignment with God, yourself, and all life.

In this dynamic retreat, you will learn to uncover and remove obstacles to experiencing the joy of living your soul’s purpose. You will be given ways to find it, know it and begin to become what you were born to be, so you can contribute to the world what only you have to give.

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DATES: January 12 – 15, 2017

If you ARE located near a Center of Light physical location, retreat will be broadcasted at the Center and you are encouraged (although it is not required) to participate through the Center.

If you ARE NOT located near a Center of Light, you can participate remotely through video-conferencing technology. Details will be sent with your registration confirmation. We will have ways to include those of you who join online for our presentations, discussions, and small group activities as well as receive your questions and insights.

Thursday 1/12: 8pm – 10pm (EST)
Friday 1/13: 9am – 10:30pm (EST)
Saturday 1/14: 9am – 10:30pm (EST)
Sunday 1/15: 9am – 4pm (EST)

COST: $200 per person, plus food (if attending in person).

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Online Access

If you are attending the retreat virtually (not at a Center of Light in person) you will receive login details via email closer to the retreat dates.