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Want to learn more about Christian Mysticism? Sign up for our 6-week “Introduction to Meditation and Christian Mysticism” class to experience the powerful teachings and practice of mysticism for yourself!

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Introduction to Meditation & Christian Mysticism

This is a six-week free introductory course that is offered at all the Centers of Light, including Centers of Light Online. The course gives people the opportunity to learn about Christian Mysticism and learn spiritual tools to help improve your life. Subjects include Prayer, Meditation, Blessing, Light and Soul. During each class, there is an experiential piece in addition to opportunities to ask for help with whatever you are working on. The introductory course is also a low-pressure way for you to get to know a Center of Light. Many participants have said that their lives changed after this course because they started to use what they learned.


Spiritual Seminars

Mother Clare travels every week to a Center of Light to give spiritual seminars. These are intensive workshop weekends and typically span four days, starting from Thursday night to Sunday noon. Spiritual seminars provide a rare opportunity to be with a Master Teacher, ask all the spiritual questions that you’ve never gotten adequate answers on, and ask for guidance on problems that you are dealing with in your life.


Online Spiritual Classes

If you don’t live near a Center of Light, you can take spiritual classes online with the Center of Light Online. Introduction to Christian Mysticism & Meditation, as well as weekly Bible Contemplations and Tree of Life are taught. These spiritual classes are taught using an easy-to-use online chat system, so no matter where you live, you’ll be able to participate.


Spiritual Retreats

Twice a year, the Centers of Light hold spiritual retreats in Dolores, Colorado at the Sophia Peace Center. This is an opportunity for people who want to improve their life and deepen spiritually. Retreats include lectures and three guided meditations a day by a Master Teacher, group counseling, individual counseling, and devotional time. However, it would be impossible to describe what actually happens at a retreat. It is a time to do a lot of spiritual work in a condensed period of time, and many people break through their barriers and heal even the most painful wounds.