Spiritual Community

Group at Airport Traveling to RetreatThere are many Centers of Light across the United States, forming local spiritual communities that support the growth and development of each congregation’s individuals. We have 8 major communities that have formed across the country, as well as an active online community. The great thing about spiritual community is that it is a safe haven to share, learn and be honest – and it is an integral part of living a happier life. Without a support system of like-minded people, life can get lonely and tough. Communities participate in all sorts of activities, including conscious movies, camping, volunteering, sharing and classes.

Community Gardening Together

Centers of Light Online

Centers of Light Online provides a way for those who don’t live close to a physical Center of Light to participate. The online platform offers classes such as Transform Your Life through the Power of Meditation and Metaphysics and Meditation and Healing Class. Anyone from any part of the world can participate in Centers of Light Online, they have become meaningful ways for people to connect in this always connected world we live in. People can also take ongoing classes, be part of discussions and even attend services and receive blessings as part of physical Centers that offer video conferencing. All you would need is a connected computer at home to begin.


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