Summer 2016 Retreat


in beautiful Marine on Saint Croix, Minnesota

Jesus said: “The Truth will set you free.” Mystics of all times have taught and demonstrated that when we awaken from the misunderstandings we hold about what is true and real about ourselves and God, we begin to have powerful spiritual experiences and deeply transformative insights into the meaning of all the levels of reality. Such awakening does not come from studying or thinking. It can only come from real experiences of the that which is Divine.  

When we have such astonishing awakening experiences the following transformations happen:


We learn how to have a huge capacity to love and be loved. We are set free from our inner prisons and we step into the light of our true purpose and into our empowered, meaningful and fulfilling lives.

Mother Clare and her dynamic team will bring you into truly unique and life changing experiences of God within you. Daily guided meditations, small group work and masterful teachings will draw you into a transformative experience of your own soul and will give you practical tools which you can use after the retreat to continue your journey into inner peace and empowered, purposeful living. 

Join us in this beautiful and sacred environment to lift your spirit and share heart-felt connections with an amazing community of men and women who are also moving from pain, loneliness and confusion into clarity, confidence and meaningful purpose.

Mother Clare Watts, the Founder and Spiritual Director of the Order of Christ Sophia and the Centers of Light will be leading this powerful retreat. ( She is a Master Teacher and Spiritual Guide and has been teaching, initiating, and guiding seekers of God into deep truth and direct experiences of the God for over thirty years.

Mother Clare’s team of teachers includes these amazing priests and leaders:

Lucille Michaels: Lucille is a psychologist and writer who specializes in training new spiritual leaders and transforming crises into growth and healing.

Timothy Lin: Timothy excels at bringing peace and healing to relationships and brings mindfulness training to the cooperate world.

Michael Knight: Michael is a dynamic leader who has a passion for the ancient traditions of Christian mysticism and who focuses on training and supporting peace leaders.

Our whole team invites you to join us at this momentous time in the history of the planet. Learn how to live peacefully amidst the turmoil of your life how to become a person who can give and receive great love, and how to evolve into a confident carrier of light and truth.

Feed your soul so it may feed you and transform your life.

Mother Clare Watts is the director of the Order of Christ Sophia and the Centers of Light, a Mystical Christian Community. She is an ordained Priest and Master Teacher and has been serving her beloved Teachers, Jesus and Mary, for thirty years. Her deepest desire is to bring to each of us the powerful love and acceptance that come through becoming our deepest, fullest selves and learning to live and give from the heart.

She is the author of Giving Birth to God: A Woman’s Path to Enlightenment and Mystical Roses of PeaceTo read more about Mother Clare, check out her biography.

What is included

  • All Meals
  • One or Two Person Rooms
  • Daily Sessions
  • Daily Guided Meditations and Sacred Events
  • Kayaking, Swimming, and Rowing on the Lake
  • Nature Walks and Social and Individual Activities
  • Transportation to and from the Airport (when you arrive and depart in designated time slots)

Retreat Date and Time

The retreat will begin at 6 PM on Thursday, July 14th and conclude at 8 AM on Monday, July 18th.

To catch the free shuttle from the airport to the retreat center, you must arrive at the latest by 2 PM on Thursday, July 14th.

To get a shuttle ride from the retreat center to the airport on Monday, July 18th, your flight must depart after 11:00 AM to allow enough time for transport.

Retreat Location

Dunrovin Christian Brothers Retreat Center
15525 Saint Croix Trail North
Marine on Saint Croix, MN 55047

Phone: 651.433.2486

Emergency Phone: 651.214.8407


The regular all-inclusive fee for the retreat and all room and board is $997. This includes all the workshops, talks, small groups, activities, meditations, and sports opportunities such as boating, kayaking, swimming, volleyball and basketball. These plus bonfires and quiet alone times will all be available and optional for those attending this retreat.

 If this is your first retreat with us, we are happy to offer you a huge 50% discount to welcome you. So your first time all-inclusive fee is $498.50

In addition, if you are a first time participant, and pay for your retreat    by June 18th, you also receive an early bird discount of $48.50 leaving you with the bargain price of just $450.

A few financial hardship partial scholarships are available for those who qualify. Please contact your local Center of Light to apply.

How to Register

Registration requires two steps:

  1.  Reserve your guaranteed spot by paying the registration fee:
  2.  You will be registered once you fill out this Registration Form and make your payment.

Refunds can be requested if needed as follows:
100% refund before June 5
50% refund before June 15
No refunds after June 15, as we have to pay the retreat center in advance and cannot get those fees refunded.