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Spiritual Blog

Read the latest posts from a collective blog from all the Centers of Light across the country. Blog posts are written by spiritual students and ministers who share about their spiritual struggles and personal development. Some of the topics range from spiritual community to people’s stories about how they opened to God. It’s a great […]

Christian Meditation

People don’t often put Christianity and meditation together, but meditation is essential to Christian mysticism. Without learning how to still the mind and body, it would be impossible to quiet the outer distractions enough to have a real relationship with God.

Mother Clare Watts

Mother Clare Watts is the founder and director of the Order of Christ Sophia, which operates seven Centers of Light in the United States and one in Canada.

Christian Mysticism

By Mother Clare Watts A renewed interest in Christian mysticism is emerging in the Western world, and it comes at a time when church attendance and membership are at all time lows. What are people finding in mysticism that they are not finding in the churches? Mysticism has never been about theological concepts and rules […]

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  1. eli says:

    do you meet as a group every day or do you meet on line every day for your 30 meditation?? Im traveling to Minneapolis and am looking for a place to meditate. ill be in town on friday the 18th till tue the 22nd of sept.

    thank you


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