Seattle Ministers

Margaret-OlearyMargaret O’Leary
Several years ago a friend invited me to come hear a talk at the Center of Light. By the time the evening was over I knew I had found a place that would help me grow and become more connected to God. This journey continues and everyday I am grateful for God’s grace, a loving spiritual community and the opportunity to serve. Through classes, meditation, prayer, and my teacher’s help, I have had a chance to learn who I am and how God sees me. I feel blessed to serve this community and welcome those wanting to find a path to deepen their relationship with God, Jesus, and Mother Mary.

When I am not at the Center, I live with my husband in North Bend, where I teach and volunteer. I love being outdoors, sharing time with family and friends, and learning new things.





Deborah Mahoney
I am grateful to be serving as a minister this life, and in this Order of dedicated men and women. My story is that I was in a long family saga and crisis that left me with a crack finally large enough for God to come in and work with me. It has been a road of beauty and the beast, seeing the glory behind the things that have always frightened me away before I could go deeper.

With my hands more off the reins, I can trust more in the process that is unfolding within and oh so, not alone. My community is there for me to love and serve as I offer myself to the best of my ability, growing and changing toward ever more wholeness. So much balance and teaching in the path of the Christian Mystic is available here. The ways and the means are like a flow that invites us to fully experience ourselves from a fresh perspective.