New Haven Ministers

Rev-MichaelRev Michael Knight
I am a priest here in New Haven, CT. I have the opportunity direct the Order of Mercy across the country. I am part of the teachers who teach online, and our Center is dynamic and growing. I feel so blessed to be able to serve as a priest in this holy order. I am moved, so often by God’s grace and healing that allows those whom I serve to heal and grow and help. We teach a spiritual path of total transformation in which we have connection to the divinity within our selves, and with Jesus and Mary.

One of the opportunities I have is to be the Director of the Order of Mercy. It is made of heart filled servants of Jesus and Mary. They devote their time, love and compassion to serving others in corporal acts of mercy. Every week they give at their Centers if they are blessed to be near one, and they hold the Light of Christ for others to see and to grow from. I see the Brothers and Sisters in the Order of Mercy to be a growing and dynamic soul family that really helps those in need. They serve the elderly and those who have no one. What a blessing!

It is awesome to see those I love and teach grow and change and come into relationship with God. I love watching the process of people coming into service and wanting to be part of the positive influence for others. It is so great to see people literally taking on light and having life move through those parts that were closed, hurt and shut down.

I get to live at the Center here in New Haven where we do classes and Communion, and I am part of the real transformation of those in our community by sharing what God gives me, and sharing the process I have gone through in healing and growing.

I am looking forward to the growth of our center and the Order of Christ Sophia and the service of the Order of Mercy. I see how people are stepping up to be of help, to actively give love and light here on earth. Jesus said, “the kingdom of God is within you,” and I have found it to unfold in myself and those around me.

Celia-LulaCelia Lula
Hi! I’m Celia and I’ve been on this specific Christian, Mystic path since 2011. Since then, I have experienced tremendous growth and joy. I especially enjoy the peace I feel after meditating with others and contemplating spiritual topics and universal truths that this path has offered.

For a long time, I carried a chip on my shoulder: I was living in a cycle of self-doubt and criticism that made me even more sensitive to how I perceived other people. Since beginning my spiritual journey, so much has shifted and changed in my life including the perception of myself, of my abilities and of other people! I’ve experienced great healing and gone through major forgiveness and transformation work. Major aspects of that have shown up as learning to take responsibility for my feelings, going deep into my wounds and finding healing in places I’ve never been able to reach before. Doing this self-work has given me more understanding and compassion for others. Through the process of my own healing, I’ve discovered so much is possible because of a developing relationship with the divine feminine and masculine, receiving inner direction and teachings of Mary and Jesus.

I have been serving as an ordained Minister in this Order 2013. It’s a great gift to be able to bring to others peace and healing that I so gratefully have received through teaching classes and leading guided meditations.

In my spare time, I work full-time at an insurance company and enjoy spending time with my daughter, family and friends (and also with my cat Twiggy). Some of my other pastimes include watching movies, dining out, listening to music, walking/hiking and attending festivals.

I welcome you to the New Haven Center of Light!