Minneapolis Ministers

Rev Lucille Michaels
I have been privileged to serve as a priest and spiritual director at the Centers of Light for over 10 years. I feel truly honored that over the years so many people have let me into their hearts and spiritual processes. One of my favorite things about teaching is finding ways to make deep and complex spiritual teachings accessible and easy to understand. But my deepest joy is seeing my students opening, healing, and expressing their true soul-nature.

When I am not serving at the Center of Light I work as a psychologist and writer. I love how the mind and spirit work together to offer us so many tools for healing. I enjoy many creative pursuits including painting, poetry and photography.


AnitaAnita Hargis
In 2010, I found the Center of Light after saying a prayer and asking the Universe to direct me to a place where I could get real answers to my spiritual questions and discover the truth about myself, God, and how I could be of service to humanity. I was struggling with debilitating anxiety and depression at the time and although I knew there was a lot of good inside of me, I felt unable to access it or share it with others. Less than a week after I said that prayer I went for a run in a new part of town and discovered The Center of Light. I began attending classes and was in awe of the depth of spiritual teaching and personal development offered there. I was so grateful for how perfectly God had answered my prayer. I was also moved by the sincere respect the teachers and community had for other spiritual and religious paths and people from different ethnic backgrounds and sexual orientations, all of which is extremely valuable to me.

As soon as I could, I began the process of Baptism and received powerful love and healing as I allowed myself to be vulnerable and share the parts of my life I felt most regretful about. My confessions were met with absolute love and forgiveness from God through the ministers. The Sacrament of Baptism itself was an incredible gift that ignited a spiritual flame inside of me and began the process of deep healing and transformation in literally every aspect of my life. This healing is infinitely deep and continues in me today. As I relax into the love of my teachers and become more attuned to the reality of God inside of me, I become more available to offer love, teaching, and healing to others. It is a great privilege and joy in my life to serve as a minister at the Center of Light and offer others the beautiful gifts I receive.

In addition to my full spiritual life, I also attend nursing school, and I work as a massage therapist in Wayzata and nursing assistant in Minneapolis at Abbott Northwestern Hospital. For fun, I love being outside, riding my bike, hiking, gardening, traveling, and spending time getting to know people deeply.


Michelle-HartkeMichelle Hartke
After several years of studying at the Center of Light as a Student (at the Boston center) and then as a member of the Order of Mercy and as Minister (in Minneapolis), I was ordained in 2013. My personal journey has been deeply gratifying and life altering– and my greatest desire is to share what I have come to know about the profoundly abundant divine love that is accessible to each and every person – and to help anyone find it who wants to.