Fort Collins Ministers

ConstanceRev Constance Wilson
I am inspired by the rich intersection of teachings and experiences happening at the Center of Light each day.  There are wisdom teachings from various spiritual traditions, contemplative practices that deepen us into being more fully present and ourselves, community that makes an intentional spiritual life more doable, sacraments that inspire us beyond concepts and an ever-expanding lived awareness of our interconnectedness.  My previous life experiences moved me to search for something that was not Christian, so I was surprised and relieved to find such depth and authenticity in a mystical Christian way that is inclusive of all Truth.  Really, I was looking for something non-dogmatic, spiritual, creative, deep, warm, and experiential and I believed these values were not aligned with a Christian path.  Yet, each thing I’ve learned and come to value, whether it’s nonviolent communication or esteeming others or mindfulness or energy healing,  fits into this way of being and this brings me hope.

I’m grateful to be connected to a thriving community of people, near and far, desiring to grow and deepen together. Each person’s unfolding process is consistently and miraculously a support to all the others.  After years on a spiritual path, I continue to be regularly amazed that,  over and over again, the answer to the question, the peace to the conflict, the harmony to the discord is inside.   The freshness of this living reality never gets old.   I’m grateful to have been guided by various teachers into meaningful experiences of meditation, prayer, devotion and connection with God.   It is now a joy to stand by others as these powerful and gentle inner truths unfold from within them.

When I’m not serving or teaching at the Center, I work as a Nurse Practitioner and I love spending time with my husband, two young children, chickens, dogs and garden.