Ann Arbor Ministers

benjamin-ferrariBenjamin Ferrari is the minister at the Ann Arbor Center of Light.

I came to this path full of (it) book knowledge about philosophy and spirituality, but no meaningful direct experience – which is what my soul was seeking. Thankfully, I was patiently and lovingly helped to empty my cup (mind) and fill my plate (heart). Through direct and deeply personal experiences with Jesus and Mary my pride, anger, and fears were transformed such that all of my relationships, including the one with myself, blossomed. It is a great blessing to step into ministry and bring to others what I know to be life changing – that God is real, that Jesus and Mary’s Love is transformational, and that we are all totally beloved children of God. If you struggle with believing that, as I initially did, please come visit so we can explore the Truths together.

For my day job, I teach physiology and neuroscience to medical students, and have the great joy of combining my interests in science and spirituality in several classes and meetup groups. In addition to empowering others, I enjoy Tai Chi, hiking, canoeing, cooking, coffee, reading, watching movies, travel and beekeeping.