Spiritual Children’s Program

Some Centers of Light offer a spiritual children’s program called “A Joyful Path,” a progressive and inclusive children’s program for young hearts and minds from ages 4-12. Instruction consists of meditation, prayer, and affirmations from a variety of sources, including inclusive Bible, Koran, Hindu, Jewish and Buddhist texts from Progressive Christianity.

Looking to introduce your children to the divine energy within themselves and the world around them? Come experience a refreshing, progressive and inclusive approach to various spiritual paths. Children will learn:

  • The basics of meditation for calming body, mind and emotions
  • To pray
  • To respect and accept all faiths
  • To face fears and open to a sense of self and safety
  • To feel God’s love and presence
  • To grow in self-acceptance and self-confidence
  • To live in loving kindness
  • To identify values without dogma

No guilt and no shame, all accepting and affirming! Art, song, games and stories from a practiced, established curriculum will support optimal learning in a positive environment.