Meditation & Healing

This series artfully balances Mindfulness and Spiritual principles. Good for beginners or experienced practitioners of meditation or spirituality.

In this class you will learn how to use mindfulness and meditation practices to wake-up to your life, increase your vital force and open to the deep peace and wisdom that is within you. You will learn how to move through stagnant self-protection patterns and engage deeply with your life, your feelings and the divine within. All faiths and spiritual practices are honored and welcome in this amazing series.

Class 1 – Foundations of Mindfulness
Learn what mindfulness is and how it works.

Class 2 – Mindfulness and Acceptance: Releasing the Vital Force
Learn how you can use meditation to release energy trapped in emotional wounds.

Class 3 – Presence with the Divine Energy
Learn how to harness the mind’s tendency to attach to words and images.

Class 4 – Listening Within
Learn to listen to the wisdom inside your own heart and soul.

Class 5 – Visualization and Healing
Learn how to maximize the gifts you receive from within.

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