Classes, services, and more are held each week at Centers of Light around the country. Click Locations from the above menu for both local and Online classes.

Inner Peace & Inner Power

Your heart and mind are incredibly powerful forces for transforming your life. The universe responds to your thoughts, feelings and beliefs in predictable and controllable ways. When you learn to understand and apply the laws of the spiritual and energetic world- your whole life will change. But don’t just believe it-experience it for yourself!

Meditation & Healing

This series artfully balances Mindfulness and Spiritual principles. Good for beginners or experienced practitioners of meditation or spirituality.

Bible Contemplation

The New Testament teaches us how to be simple and follow two commands – love God first, and love our neighbor as ourself. It teaches us how to take on the light of Christ within ourselves and to become one with God, as Jesus was.

Tree of Life

The Tree of Life lessons are written for the purpose of unfolding the Soul alchemically and for opening up one’s spiritual consciousness to the Wisdom of God.

Spiritual Children’s Program

Some Centers of Light offer a spiritual children’s program called “A Joyful Path,” a progressive and inclusive children’s program for young hearts and minds from ages 4-12. Instruction consists of meditation, prayer, and affirmations from a variety of sources, including inclusive Bible, Koran, Hindu, Jewish and Buddhist texts from Progressive Christianity.

2 thoughts on “Classes

  1. Ursula says:

    I am looking for a healer for my Father Marian who is very sick in the hospital. I have used other energy healings before with no results. Can you please advise because there is no time to wait? My dad has kidney dialysis which are not totally safe, is 90 pounds,
    cannot eat has circulation problems, heart failure. Do you pray long distance because this is urgent. There is no time to wait,. Thank you.

    • Anita Hargis-Bennett says:

      Hello Ursula, I am sorry to hear that your Father is very sick. Silent Unity is a good resource to help with this matter. They are a part of Unity Church that has the kind of prayer request service you are inquiring about. I send my prayers as well. Blessings to you.

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